T-Shirts – FCUK’s Slogan Kicks Off

When it comes to brands and their slogans, t-shirts speak volumes.


T-shirts can shout at you. Slogans on t-shirts can speak loudly about who you are, your status, your style and your attitude. And perhaps there’s no other brand in fashion history that has been in our faces as much as FCUK. The FCUK t-shirts have left a trail of controversy, shock and debate in their wake.


T-shirts and Fashion Slogans


FCUK t-shirts have caused so much controversy because of their advertising campaigns. In 2005, a retired businessman complained that the slogan used on the the brand’s watches and jewellery was offensive. The slogan has been used on its t-shirts for years. FCUK is an acronym for French Connection UK, but clearly a play on words some find offensive. The UK Trade Mark Registry ended up ruling in favour of the brand on this occasion. But the incident was symptomatic of the attention and debate the t-shirts can trigger.


Designer Clothing – All About Attitude


As well as t-shirts, French Connection use the slogan on watches, jewellery, jeans and other items of its designer clothing range. The complaint against the FCUK slogan was that it went beyond the ‘accepted principles of morality’. Lawyers for the designer clothing brand insisted it was a harmless play on words. The FCUK slogan has been used on its t-shirts and apparel for over ten years now. The FCUK slogan on t-shirts may be an acronym for French Connection United Kingdom, but it is often used in a very knowing context such as ‘FCUK Fashion’ or ‘FCUK Advertising’. Some instances of the slogan were censored by the Advertising Standards Agency but the slogan on men and women’s t-shirts has been a historic success with profits initially soaring for the fashion house.


T-Shirts Trigger Arrest Threat


The huge controversy that the FCUK t-shirts and advertising campaigns generated has worked in their favour by causing endless publicity and column inches. At one point a shop owner was threatened with arrest by police after using FCUK t-shirts in his shop window. The shop in Hertfordshire featured a naked mannequin straddling a man beside the caption ‘the joy of fcuk’. The offending t-shirt was removed after repeated customer complaints. But the owner caused more upset by replacing the t-shirts with more FCUK designs causing some to complain the display was ‘disgraceful’. But the slogan on French Connection t-shirts has remained hugely successful, and it seems they illustrate the cliché: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.


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